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Press release 12.12.2019

Vestamatic and Climate Ready Engineering announce merger.

We would like to announce the forming of a partnership between Vestamatic GmbH and Climate Ready Engineering Pty Ltd – merging two market leading experts in shading control and automation.

Vestamatic GmbH and Climate Ready Engineering Pty Ltd will now operate under a common brand, combining sales, R&D and technical expertise. The companies will merge to strengthen our automation solutions and products worldwide.

Vestamatic will now trade under the name Vestamatic + CRE for EMEA and international operations. Climate Ready Engineering will now be trading under CRE + Vestamatic for the Asia Pacific region.We look forward to working with you on future projects as a new and exciting partnership.


Thorsten Breithor, Managing Director Vestamatic + CRE

Neil Krotzsch, Managing Director CRE + Vestamatic

Daren Whistler, Director Vestamatic + CRE

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A global solution provider in dynamic facades ​for the building industry.
We work closely with architects, engineers, designers and consultants on delivering the best shading solutions, through our network of partners. Through quality production and supply of components, outstanding planning services, commissioning, and regular maintenance, we are able to achieve the best-in-class daylight management solutions.

We are on an international growth path, having secured some of the biggest contract installations in the world, and have operations in both Germany and Australia.
Across our international team who operate remotely from different sites, we have a consistent entrepreneurial culture and a “get it done for the customer” attitude.


Imagine you get what your really want. Imagine you can really influence a product. Imagine talking to people who make it happen in the way you desire it. Imagine a partner, rather than a supplier. Imagine a partner that adapts to you and not the other way around. Imagine you’ve found that working with Vestamatic. Would you give it a go?


We believe in the connectivity of devices in residential, commercial and hospitality sectors creating and providing data. We develop motors, controls and sensors to suit tomorrows need, but also supply the technology used today. We are prepared to supply catalogue items, but strive to create the OEM version that you desire to sell. The technology platforms developed over 40+ years allow us to do so, fast, reliable, competitive in small and big quantities. Our team in business development and technology ensures that you are getting what you need.


Being the supplier today is nice and paying us right now. Being the partner of today and tomorrow is what we are striving for. To do so, we are not just working on products but business models, services, networks and subscription based services. That requires partnerships in product development, in applications in facades and data science. We create, test, create and test all the time. We incrementally improve, we scale once we are ready to do so. The future is uncertain, but we know are playing a role being prepared to deal with uncertainty.



In soccer terms we are working on one game at a time, leading to the championship.

Being a B2B technology brand, we are supplying the extra feature here and there to our customer. Being different, is a must and we allow you to be different, your brand and your offering to be unique. We just require your creativity and ability to spec demands up

We are not a consumer brand. We are following the “Intel inside” principle.

We think solutions from the user. We learn from users, shade manufacturers, fitters, electrical installers, system integrators and maintenance companies. All bringing their individual experience and knowledge to the table. We spend decent time on installing, testing and destroying blinds to understand the finished products better. The more we know about the finished product, the better sized the solution in terms of facades, shade application, automation and user. If that is what you are looking for, a supplier is not the right choice. A partner is required that creates future-proof solutions.

We are happy, when you are happy! Knowing that a solution will never work out straight away, we are prepared to adapt stepwise. We join you whenever you require us and encourage you to do so. Together we can make the things happen, rom planning, installation and servicing.

We are far from being perfect. Instead we are a hungry to learn and apply more. Every day we at least incrementally improve, sometimes even more that this Let us guide you through..


We do projects with all kinds of shades. We do that globally, but locally as well. We automate shades in residentlal houses, in kindergardens, schools, office buildings, hospitals and many more. We implement in the production and testing hardware and software.


We supply motors, controls and sensors tested heavily in development. This includes testing in real life environments and in shading systems. Once approved for serial production, we 100% test products in the factory on production test benches developed and manufactured by us as well.


Software is the innovation driver of our time. We develop embedded Software, application software and motor control software. Battery management, bi-directional low power radio systems, cloud based IOT-drivers – the range of applications is vast. We’ve therefore chosen open standards to using a communication layer between the devices, allowing us to connect seamlessly internally and to the market leading systems.


The network and platform approach is a key differentiator. We work closely with a small group of companies in specifying, developing, testing and distributing products and solutions. Together we improve the shading product and act as partners rather than in a supplier customer relationship.


We are driven by our customers demand and build our technology platforms to best suit this. We do prototypes fast, test and try these. We modify and adapt until the product is ready for serial production. We are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. We have conviction and are tenacious. We do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision is determined, we commit wholly.


We have an excellent engineering team, a best-in-class production and a classy customer oriented team. All companies would probably state that about themselves, so simply convince yourself. We are encouraging your feedback.


We supply motors and controls for interior and exterior shades, branded Vestamatic or OEM branded. Standard or special, it’s your choice.


Timing is crucial to support you best, the earlier the better. We support in the conceptual phase by providing insights from other industries and cross-border offerings and we specify contracts with architects and R&D projects. A feasibility study sometimes kills projects at early stages, when the conceptual thesis are challenged. We understand that as a natural part of our consulting package to find the best suitable solution for your demand.


We provide highly customized products to your need, capitalizing on the hard- and software platforms we’ve developed over +40 years. That allows us to be quick, reliable and cost efficient in standard catalogue, but as well in OEM items. OEM can be label only, can be housing, functionality or a complete new design. It’s your choice how deep we are woven into your project. Once all milestones are passed you receive a serial product that gives you unique features to sell differently.


We deliver to factories, warehouses, stores or on site. Standard products are stocked and are shipped straight away. Customized items are manufactured on schedule orders. Capitalizing our platform approach, we manufacture modules that we assemble on order. The combination of finished products and semi-finished modules allows us to manage component availability. With lead times of easily +50 weeks for electronics, good forecasts, planning and strong supply networks are keys for a constant supply.



With +40 years’ experience we understand the time and cost pressure on projects, be it development or commercial contracts. To nevertheless supply high-end and stable technology, we offer development and manufacturing under the same roof.

In R&D the supply of a first prototype is the initial hurdle that we manage in short time-frames. The prototype is not designed to last but to decide, plan and budget. Same is true for contract mock-ups to verify installation and to run a proof of concept under real-life circumstances.

Our Innovation Centre in the outskirts of Hamburg is a playing field for creating, designing, prototyping and testing products. The team develops products, applications and production machinery. The engineering skills here allow us to act flexible in the demand of a special things. We realize features for our partners’ contract jobs that can be specified together with our Business Development Team.

The team is also involved in the supply and qualification of components terminated by the suppliers. With the growing market for electronics, the demand in components is exceeding the supply already right now and will only increase. In combination with our manufacturing team we are here in constant contact with the component manufacturers and distributors to sense shortages and changes as early as possible.


We develop the product you need. We supply finished products, as well as modules or parts assembled and integrated in your production process.
Possible is everything. It’s your choice how you use this.


We test our products not just in lab environments, but in the shade. We run products until they break to understand improvement potential. We have gained a lot of experience in the combination of shade components, be it brackets, tubes, bottom bars, side guides, zips or material.


Although we do a lot of inhouse testing, once products have passed all that, we test 100% of our products in external labs to provide the base for the declaration of conformity. That provides a significant security for our customers, knowing that the product does not breach any certification. The type of testing is different for the product types we offer and are applied as needed.


We solely manufacture at our headquarter in Mönchengladbach, Germany. We do so since 40+ years and run that in a separate entity Helmut Beyers GmbH. Our machine park is setting the standard in our industry using the most advanced SMT machinery from Siemens, high-end AOI-Test appliances and highly efficient test and assembly equipment.


Commercial contracts are developed over years. In the concept phase we work with planners, architects and consultants to find the best possible solution, leading to specification documents. Once a project is in process, we provide wiring diagrams, we program devices, we commission systems and manage installations. It’s your decision how deep you involve us. We are prepared to be called in.


While a project is in installation our technical support helps you with tech questions either on site or on the phone. We help you to make the installation as smooth as possible. We diagnose issues and resolve them with you. Don’t be afraid to call us, we are happy to help.


We are proud to provide motors and/ or controls to our customers projects. A big thanks to our partners!


We’ve done jobs in all areas oft he world, even though our core experience are in the EMEA region. We supply motors to the shade fabricator, controls to the system integrators and contract dealers. We consult and support our customers locally with the technical features of our products and combinations with Building Management Systems and Cloud-based services.


We have extensive experience in small-, medium- and large-sized installations. Projects range from single heavy duty, long drop roller blinds, residential shutters to +10.000 venetian blinds in double skin facades. Be it homes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, warehouses, retail stores, stadiums, office buildings, apartments, hotels and hospitality – we have done it.


Shading automation being a small element in the whole building management, we are required to run multiple technical solutions and apply them as demanded on the installation. Favoring open standards like KNX, BACNET, LON, we are seamlessly integrated in the systems. As the future is driven by Ethernet based communication, MQTT is becoming a massive demand. Apps using webservers, running on iOS and Android are frequently applied.
A key element in our contract approach is the range of SMI controls and digital motors. SMI (Standard Motor Interface) is the worldwide only open standard communication protocol in the shading industry. And Vestamatic is the sole manufacturer supplying controls and motors for all dominating shading (shutters, interior and exterior venetians, awnings, screens, roller blinds, pleated blinds).


How can we support you?

We can reduce power, we can optimize installation location, we improve cabling – just to name a few. Simply out – call us in as early as possible and you’ll see the value in it.

Projects are our passion since the foundation of the company. Led by our founder Helmut Beyers, we are committed to be the top address to work with.

We guide with questions, learn installation principles and understand key criteria and offer solutions for this. Each project requires a different solution. We therefore combine products in our toolbox and create a solution addressing the key demand. We design special features and components to suit the installation. Be it the shorter motor, the colored control boxes, the fitted connector.

You name the demand and we make it happen.


In this section we’re highlighting some of our most recent projects. You want your project to be on here, please get in touch.

PROJECT – Fyrstikkalléen 1, Oslo, Norway

  • Exterior screens.
  • 878 Shades motorised with Vestaline ME drives.
  • Shades are automated using Vestamatic Building Controller, DCT relays with radio and 1-Channel Radio Switches.

Project Partner: Nerligruppen, Poland

Photo: Kristin Jarmund, Arkitekter

You want to know more about the installation or other projects, please feel free to contact us, using the contact template on the website, sending an email or calling our customer service.