A global solution provider in dynamic facades ​for the building industry.
We work closely with architects, engineers, designers and consultants on delivering the best shading solutions, through our network of partners. Through quality production and supply of components, outstanding planning services, commissioning, and regular maintenance, we are able to achieve the best-in-class daylight management solutions.

We are on an international growth path, having secured some of the biggest contract installations in the world, and have operations in both Germany and Australia.
Across our international team who operate remotely from different sites, we have a consistent entrepreneurial culture and a “get it done for the customer” attitude.

Press release 12.12.2019

Vestamatic and Climate Ready Engineering announce merger.
We would like to announce the forming of a partnership between Vestamatic GmbH and Climate Ready Engineering Pty Ltd – merging two market leading experts in shading control and automation.
Vestamatic GmbH and Climate Ready Engineering Pty Ltd will now operate under a common brand, combining sales, R&D and technical expertise. The companies will merge to strengthen our automation solutions and products worldwide.
Vestamatic will now trade under the name Vestamatic + CRE for EMEA and international operations. Climate Ready Engineering will now be trading under CRE + Vestamatic for the Asia Pacific region.
We look forward to working with you on future projects as a new and exciting partnership.

Thorsten Breithor, Managing Director Vestamatic + CRE
Neil Krotzsch, Managing Director CRE + Vestamatic
Daren Whistler, Director Vestamatic + CRE

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