#8 Press release 12.12.2019

Vestamatic and Climate Ready Engineering announce merger.

We would like to announce the forming of a partnership between Vestamatic GmbH and Climate Ready Engineering Pty Ltd – merging two market leading experts in shading control and automation.

Vestamatic GmbH and Climate Ready Engineering Pty Ltd will now operate under a common brand, combining sales, R&D and technical expertise. The companies will merge to strengthen our automation solutions and products worldwide.

Vestamatic will now trade under the name Vestamatic + CRE for EMEA and international operations. Climate Ready Engineering will now be trading under CRE + Vestamatic for the Asia Pacific region.We look forward to working with you on future projects as a new and exciting partnership.


Thorsten Breithor, Managing Director Vestamatic + CRE

Neil Krotzsch, Managing Director CRE + Vestamatic

Daren Whistler, Director Vestamatic + CRE