They are used in contracts all around the world and have convinced contractors, facade and electrical engineers, fitters and consultants. The motors feature: Parallel wiring while individual control still possible Instant messaging Open communication protocol You want to know more, please feel free to get in touch.

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RANGE 2019

Our 2019 range and pricing is available now. Look for the following news: NEW drives for venetian, pleated and roman shades, battery powered and DC-wired. Check the features like battery management, speed control, adaption. NEW drives for roller blinds, battery powered and DC wired. Check the features like battery management, speed control, adaption. NEW [...]

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A fantastic summer is phasing out, the golden October started with a lot of sun. Autumn vacation has started in Mönchengladbach. The temperatures are declining, leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter. Parents with kids are enjoying two weeks of. We wish all of you – lucky enough to have a few [...]

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VESTAMATIC grows and looks for you when you are looking for a challenging and rewarding working environment. We run a flat organization with a high level of freedom. We trust you, we encourage you to make decisions. We want you to evolve making small steps forward, reviewing progress and adapting to the results. [...]

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Our new Website is live and casts a few new features. Product data is consolidated in a single section and can be reached through the blue button on the top of the page. The product data is structured in the same way as our range and pricing list. Product data can be downloaded. The [...]

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